Ottawa Indivisible is a grassroots, all-volunteer (and unpaid) organization based in Ottawa, Illinois. We are patriots dedicated to upholding our national pledge of allegiance to liberty and justice for all.

Our organization formed in direct response to the 2016 presidential election and our members’ concerns that our shared values were under attack. These values include:

  • protecting the environment, ethical stewardship of natural resources
  • health care, safe housing, and a living wage for all
  • well-funded and equitable public education
  • supporting civil rights (including LGBTQ, union/labor, immigrant)
  • protecting and defending women’s reproductive rights
  • defending voting rights, elections untainted by voter suppression and foreign intervention
  • “dark money” out of politics (corporations are not people)
  • freedom of the press

We are inclusive, peace-loving, and committed to upholding human rights in a community where all feel safe and valued. We engage in local advocacy focused on our own members of Congress. While Ottawa Indivisible will not officially endorse any candidate, we support those whose commitments and voting records coincide with our ideals.

We are dedicated to mutual respect and truthful, open dialogue while working for a safe and secure future for generations to come.