ALERT – Possible ACA Repeal Vote This Week!

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Act: Call Adam Kinzinger TODAY

In a nutshell: This week we are seeing an astounding convergence of ego and political expediency – that is, Trump’s desire for a YUGE legislative success before his first 100 days are up, and the Republican party’s need to deliver on their eight year long promise to repeal the ACA.

Despite withdrawing the replacement bill earlier this year, the wolves are circling the hen house once again. A “compromise” replacement bill  now has the support of the House Freedom Caucus. And if you didn’t like the AHCA the first time around, you’ll like this version even less.

Kinzinger’s staff will tell you that no plan has been formally released, and that’s true. It also doesn’t matter. Remind them that their own health care comes via the ACA! Share a personal story about how this bill would affect you or someone you love. Then tell Kinzinger’s staffers you want him to:

  • Vote NO on any plan that raises premiums;
  • Vote NO on any plan that eliminates essential benefits; and
  • Vote NO on any plan that moves people with pre-existing conditions to high risk pools.

In 5 minutes you can: Call Adam Kinzinger and encourage him support his constituents by rejecting this latest version of “repeal and replace.”

Call Kinzinger’s DC office at 202-225-3635
Call Kinzinger’s Ottawa office at 815-431-9271
Call Kinzinger’s Watseka office at 815-432-0580

More info at Yahoo! News, the Center for American Progress and  Kaiser Health News.