Choices! Choices!

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It’s great to hear from the candidates.

It’s great that we have so many great candidates putting their respective hats in the ring.

At last night’s OI meeting we heard from 16th Congressional District candidate Beth Vercolio-Osmund (who already has my vote for coolest name!). I liked what she had to say about education, about infrastructure, about working for common ground and for the common good.

Heidi Henry (running for State Senate in the 38th district) reminded us why progressives are on the right side of history: we don’t discriminate, we collaborate; we don’t privatize, we empathize; we do our best to float all boats; we don’t settle for scrubbing the decks on the billionaires’ yachts.

I like LaSalle County Clerk candidate Vickey Leadingham’s pro-union stance (not a stance, really, more like a life’s work). Since the Clerk is the one responsible (among many other things) for managing/purchasing election equipment, publishing election notices, printing ballots and referendum questions, overseeing election results, I like that Ms. Leadingham actually CARES about how elections go down, especially in this era of Republican-sponsored voter suppression. Her campaign pamphlet emphasizes that she wants to create a “user-friendly” Clerk’s office. That makes good sense, and as one “user,” I definitely want more fair-minded FRIENDS in positions of power and authority.

Final thought, for what it’s worth: I hope ALL candidates, should their primary bids go the other way, will consider entering other races in 2019 and beyond. We have to OCCUPY the county board, for example (since it appears to be dominated by right-wing misogynists, for starters).

Grab ’em by the midterms!