Desperately Seeking Adam

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Report on Congressional Recess Day of Action (Feb 23, 2017):

Three Indivisible representatives (from 16th District) sat down with two staffers, District Director Bonnie Walsh and Deputy District Director Patrick Doggett. They would only take three people at a time, so a trio of us went in and spent about five minutes on each of the four “asks” (affordable health care, release tax returns, independent Russia investigation, and meet now/regularly with constituents in town hall setting).

As expected, on all four topics the staffers pushed back a little with predictable statements about K’s commitments. We pushed back with clarifications about K’s ambiguous record, his flip-flopping since the election, his absenteeism. We noted that fear, worry and anger are driving this reaction, NOT a desire for political theater or media coverage (and def not compensation, as if). We made it clear that the anger, fear and worry will not go away — and that the best thing K could do, at this point, would be to meet with us. To avoid that would only fuel the fire.

We also tried to be very positive: we’re not looking to “create chaos” but rather to help (him) deal with the chaos in DC by stepping forward to voice our concerns, fears and hopes for the future. We suggested that where K himself might have reservations about that orange guy in the White House, we could perhaps lend support to the cause, back his efforts, etc. But we made it very clear, I think, that we’re an energized, organized, committed and well-versed group (we understand the diff between a “bipartisan” senate investigation and an independent, non-partisan investigation), and we’re not falling for K’s support of a bill to look into the Russian sanction controversy, which is not the same as looking into T’s treasonous collusion with foreign governments to rig our popular election (not to mention all the emoluments business).

In short, we were firm in stating that we’re on top of things and will continue to push until we get some response from our representative. I think they got the message. We said we would be back, we’re not going away, and we ended on a positive note with some chatter about the weather. At this point follow-up is important (see other communications). We said we’d be in touch, so let’s get in touch!