Elections Committee Report

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The OI Elections Committee met Sunday, March 12 to discuss the April 4 election. Based on a desire to elect candidates to the school board who will make students their first priority, and who will make every effort to achieve better cooperation between the school board and the faculty, the committee ranks Gene Duffy and Heather Reardon as the two top candidates so far.

This ranking is the result of research, as well as recommendations from OTHS teachers. The Elections Committee is continuing its research and welcomes recommendations from Ottawa Indivisible members.

A school board forum will be held March 28 at 7:00 pm at Central School. The forum should shed light on other important issues, such as creating a more robust building trades curriculum, and working toward a contract for our teachers, who have not received a pay increase in five years. The committee will report on the forum.

Another issue on the ballot is “home rule.”  This issue pertains only to people residing within the city limits of Ottawa.  The Committee encourages all voters to research this issue and make their own
decision. It should be noted that any town in Illinois with population larger than 25,000 is automatically on home rule, and smaller towns can choose to be. Peru is a home rule town.

There are other contests which differ among the various townships.

Finally, every ballot will include candidates for the IVCC District Trustees: Dave Mallery, Jay McCracken,  Francis (Frank) Zeller, Angela Stevenson. The Elections Committee asks OI members to provide recommendations, which will be posted.

The Elections Committee hopes to bring flyers in support of the top two OTHS School Board candidates to the upcoming OI meeting.

Click here for sample ballot.