Graham-Cassidy: Return of the Swamp Thing

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You might have thought this was over. Many of us did. But we were wrong – dead wrong. Once again, the Republicans have unleashed an attack on the Affordable Care Act.

This time the bill is called is called Graham-Cassidy, in honor of the two heartless senators sponsoring it. And once again, the situation is rapidly becoming critical – THIS BILL HAS A GOOD CHANCE TO PASS.

In a nutshell: Graham-Cassidy is a lot like the last two bills the Republicans put forth. In other words, huge cuts to Medicaid, the return of high-risk pools and block grants to states. Additionally, the bill proposes taking money AWAY from states that joined in the ACA’s Medicaid expansion, and sending that money in the form of block grants to states that refused to expand their Medicaid programs. And wouldn’t you know it – coincidentally, this will take money away from blue states and give it to red states.

(If you want a real understanding of the details of the bill, check out this article at Vox or this one at The Atlantic.)

As part of the Senate’s current budget reconciliation phase, there is a deadline for passage. In order to pass with a simple majority of 51 votes, it MUST be passed by September 30. It still has to be vetted by both the CBO and the Senate parliamentarian before a vote can happen.

We are lucky to be represented by Senators Durbin and Duckworth, who will vote against Graham-Cassidy. But if the bill is passed by the Senate, it will go directly to the House. Which means – you guessed it – our old friend Adam Kinzinger is back on the radar.

In 5 minutes you can: Call Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth to thank them for continuing to stand up for their constituents by voting against this shameful bill. Let them know they have your support. Then it’s time to start in on Adam Kinzinger again. Call him, write him, fax him, or visit his office to voice your opposition to Graham-Cassidy. WE MUST LET KINZINGER KNOW THAT A VOTE FOR GRAHAM-CASSIDY IS A VOTE AGAINST THE INTERESTS OF HIS CONSTITUENTS.

Call Duckworth’s DC office at 202-224-2854
Call Duckworth’s Chicago office at 312-886-3506

Call Durbin’s DC office at 202-224-2152
Call Durbin’s Chicago office at 312-353-4952

Call Kinzinger’s DC office: 202-225-3635
Call Kinzinger’s Ottawa office: 815-431-9271