Guest Commentary: True Patriotism

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By Gary Borgnis

As a skilled con artist, Donald Trump’s favorite tools and weapons are deception, distraction, deflection and division. His greatest enemy and threat is a free press and the freedom of speech that would expose the ugly underside of the beast and his true nature. Vladimir Putin has hired thousands of Internet trolls that continue to support and perpetuate Donald Trump’s ugly message of hate, fear and anger in an attempt to weaken, corroded and destroy the institution of democracy here and around the world.

This is the time, the test and the trial of all true Americans to summon the courage, conviction and perseverance to fight not only for ourselves but for the future independence and well being of humanity. It is a fight to restore the civility, common decency, integrity, respect and human rights that Donald Trump has trampled on.

Sometimes the best reason for doing something is simply because it is the right thing to do and the alternative is unacceptable. That is what true patriotism is about. Let this 4th of July and everyday hence forth be our declaration and commitment to a renewed patriotism against a president who has none.

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