Hope, Not Fear

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by Will Chapman

I’ve avoided making political posts on my Facebook page for quite sometime. I belong to several activist groups where I can share my thoughts and interact with others who are like minded. But the time has come to speak out and speak often.

As we approached the 2016 election, I could not and did not believe that this country would elect Donald Trump. But I, like so many others, did our part by voting for the Democratic candidate thinking that it would certainly be enough. Secretary Clinton was not my first choice as a candidate, but I’m not sure that if the candidate had been someone else I would have done it differently. I did do it differently in the previous two elections. I donated to Obama’s campaign, I spoke out about my support for him and of him. This time around, not so much.

I believe that is and was a large part of what got Trump elected. We weren’t excited about our candidate as we had been before and were watching a candidate from the other side seemingly destroy his electability tweet by tweet and by the revelations of his past blowing up on a daily basis.

So here we are, in 2017, with an administration determined to turn back the clock on progress. An administration that wants to deny entry to our country for those most in need, lest we forget that we are a nation founded and built by immigrants. An administration that wants to line the pockets of the rich with more money (especially the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue) while turning its back on those in need in our country. An administration that wants to throw 32 million Americans off their insurance plans while giving tax cuts to the wealthy.

And all the while Trump tweets away. Attacking anyone that dares to present a counter-argument or opinion. A White House that wants to shut off the flow of information to the press and thence to the American people, while the surrogates and defenders of Trump offer up the justification that this is just the way he is.

But this is NOT the way we as Americans should expect the President of the United States to act.

It is time to learn from 2106. It is time to speak out. It is time to share your thoughts, fears, hopes, and feelings with others. It is time to say this is not what the United States stands for as a bastion of freedom. It is time to support our candidates with donations of time, money, and effort. It is time to make our country great again, not by buying hats made in China but by working to make the changes.

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