LaSalle County Democrats’ Dinner

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February 10
Saturday, 6pm

The Chicago Women’s March has put me in the mood for celebration, and the upcoming Democrats’ Dinner is sure to hit the spot. I attended for the first time last year and wasn’t sure what to expect.

Celebrations 150 in Utica, if you don’t already know, offers a large, festive space with just the right balance of glitz and functionality. Last year, the room was packed with friendly, smiling Democrats, gathered in force to enjoy the power of our values. It was a pleasure¬†to see so many familiar faces and to know that allies are all around us here in LaSalle County.

People dressed up and down–I wore jeans and a jacket and felt just right. I saw suits and fancy dresses, so if you’re in the mood for pulling out the rhinestones, you won’t be out of place. I also saw jeans and flannel shirts, so if you’re just off work and running to get in line for cocktails, you’ll be just fine.

And don’t worry about lines–Celebrations has made drink and food service an art. I don’t know how they did it last year, but they served hundreds of hungry people quickly and without a hitch, and we never once waited for more than a few seconds for a drink.

In terms of food, you’ll find something for everyone and plenty of it–veggies, entrees, salad, and scrumptious sides.

You can purchase tickets online at:
or call Kathy Ford at 773-575-2337

Hope to see you there!