Save Illinois Public Education – Demand a Real Budget!

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Act: Call Governor Rauner, Senator Rezin and Representative Jerry Long

In a nutshell: It’s now been 22 months since the state of Illinois has had a budget. This shameful debacle has been going on for so long that you might be inclined to write it off as politics as usual. But let’s be clear – there’s nothing at all usual about this situation.

Illinois public schools, from local elementary school districts to community colleges and state universities, are being choked to death by the budget crisis. Now 413 public school superintendents have joined together to demand that Illinois fully fund its struggling schools. In support of this effort, Illinois Senator Bill Haine (Democrat from Collinsville) told St. Louis Public Radio last week, “We need a groundswell of public opinion focusing on this [education] as the issue, not political issues.”

A groundswell, you say, Senator? We’ve got your back. State government has gotten a pass from us so far. But folks, enough is enough! Let’s support policy over politics and start applying some pressure to our state officials. Our schools are quite literally dying for our attention.

In 5 minutes you can: Call Bruce Rauner, Sue Rezin and Jerry Long and demand they support the students of Illinois with a budget that fully funds public education.

Call Gov. Rauner’s Springfield office at 217-782-0244
Call Gov. Rauner’s Chicago office at 312-814-2121

Call Sen. Rezin’s Springfield office at 217-782-3840
Call Sen. Rezin’s Peru office at 815-220-8720

Call Rep. Jerry Long’s Springfield office at 217-782-0140
Call Rep. Jerry Long’s Streator office at 815-510-9689

More information at Reuters, the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Southtown, or watch Stranded by the State, a great two-part documentary on our budget crisis.