Send a message to Adam Today!!!

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Act: Send a postcard or a card to Adam Kinzinger about the AHCA vote.

In a nutshell:  It’s very simple:  Adam Kinzinger needs to hear our opinion about his vote.  Flood his Ottawa office with cards and postcards in protest of the House passage of a “health care” bill that will make insurance unaffordable.

Option 1:  Postcard.  You can write what you want (as long as it is reasonably polite). Here’s an example:

Dear Mr. Kinzinger:

Your decision on May 4 to vote YES on the disastrous health care bill sent a clear message to your constituents. Your vote made it clear that you do not have our best interests at heart. Your vote made it clear that you could care less about the needs of the people you claim to represent. Your vote made it clear that we have no choice but to seek new representation. You had your chance, and you blew it. Now it’s our turn — we the people — to get the job done right. We stand united and indivisible, and we will not be defeated.


Option 2: Go Snarky.

Send Adam a sympathy card (for losing his job).  Or a Happy Retirement card!

In 5 minutes you can:  Pick up a card or a postcard & get it in the mail!

Rep. Adam Kinzinger
628 Columbus Street, Ste. 507
Ottawa, IL 61350