Support VA Workers’ Unions Today!

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Act: Call Adam Kinzinger – again.

In a nutshell: Tomorrow the US House of Representatives will vote on the innocently-titled VET Protection Act. But this bill, far from protecting the rights of the veterans, employees and taxpayers its title refers to, is in fact another attempt to weaken and destroy unions – this time, the unions that represent the nearly 300,000 workers at the VA.

Lowlights of the bill include prohibiting doctors from acting as union reps; extending probationary periods for new employees to 18 months while 45,000 VA jobs remain unfilled; and arbitrarily restricting the amount of time union reps can spend on union business at work. The union-busting tactics of this Republican Congress must be stopped!

In 5 minutes you can: Call Adam Kinzinger and urge him to support workers’ rights by voting NO on H.R. 1461.

Call Kinzinger’s Ottawa office at 815-431-9271
Call Kinzinger’s DC office at 202-225-3635

More information at PR Newswire, Federal Workers Alliance and the National Federation of Federal Employees